Caseificio Lucchesi


First, let’s do the introductions: Sauro and Daniela Lucchesi were the main architects of this new…tradition.
At the age of 22, Sauro became a cheesemaker: a profession that dates back to ancient times but that is practised by dwindling numbers of young people today. The reason for this is simple: due to the sacrifices involved, it’s more than just a job – it’s a calling.
In 1994, the couple left the province of Reggio Emilia and arrived in Crespellano, where they started collaborating with the aforementioned Roberto Manzini, just on production to begin with; the handover was a gradual and steady process until the couple decided to “dive in the deep end” and begin managing this historic facility.
To continue with the family introductions, we should mention the Lucchesi’s three daughters, all born in the cheesery – where else?
As mentioned, they have been guaranteeing the future of the business since 2004, “naturally putting their own stamp on it”, albeit without sacrificing tradition, as, of course, a lot of hands-on experience in the “trade” requires.

Some of our standout products include caciotta, ricotta, squacquerone and mascarpone, but we also produce pecorino and table cheeses. The milk used in our cheesery is all of Italian origin and of the highest quality.

It goes without saying that our cheeses and ricotta are produced in the large workshop adjacent to the store. And it goes without saying that Sauro is in charge here, albeit with a helping hand from talented collaborators including his brother Giuseppe and his nephew and niece Cristian and Katia.
That just leaves our lovely shop, which sells directly to the public and could justifiably be called “niche” thanks to the thousands of specialities it stocks. It also sells certified quality cured meats and other food products.

Our wholesale volumes have increased in recent years to meet the ever-increasing demands of businesses whose discerning customers need guaranteed and reliable quality. Exactly what our company has traditionally provided: certified quality that you’ll appreciate from the very first time you try it.

We deliver our products throughout Italy.